Storymode7 is currently a wanderer in the mystic streets of computers, programming languages, networking and many more. The streets do seem long enough but, I am a steady, patient walker! I won’t be leaving these streets for a fairly long time.

Intrigued by the things that I interact with daily, and desire to know how they work, slowly led me to programming. And this field is just so inviting, that, even after knowing a little grain of all that is to be known, I feel I’ve power.

Learning the basics of C++ in school days, I found that it’s much more than what it’s taught. Since then, I am hunting for sources, working out to become eligible enough to contribute to them.

Introduced to the FOSS world, by my friends, I fell in love with the idea. And now I am starting on this path of Free and Open Source, getting ready for the new and different worlds I’ll be coming across.

Keep reading the blog, to know what I am upto!


Keep Hunting!