CLI-MAX! (Spoiler: Unrelated to movies)

GUI (Graphical User Interface) have been amazingly popular, but CLIs? If you want to know which one is powerful, just think that GUI can be made using CLI!

CLI(Command Line Interface) is the hidden power. I started realizing it when I switched to Ubuntu from Windows 7.  Initially I used the GUI in the Ubuntu, but I didn’t let that conquer me. I knew CLIs are amazing.  So to learn CLIs I decided to do everything using terminal.  Slowly I learned about various commands.  Then I started to look in their --help portion.  Gradually my fascination was increasing. And now, I didn’t have to make myself use the terminal, but I wanted to use it more and more and more!

Anything and everything that I was able to do using GUI was more configurable if done via CLI.  But just singing  songs of victory of command line interfaces won’t motivate you unless you’ve had your share of irritable & Whoa! moments with it.

Now came touch typing.  Last year when I was reading DGPLUG’s logs, I came across touch typing.  Now I knew I wanted to learn it.  I practiced it daily, diligently.  Initially, the fingers started hurting and nothing serious was observable.  But within a few weeks I started typing without seeing at the keyboard, though slow.  But I continued practicing.  And the speed improved.  And since then I’ve always wished not to leave the keyboard!

Next big push towards cli was Vim (Text Editor).  I had always used softwares like word, wordpad, notepad, gedit and so on.  But then I came to know about Vim (again from DGPLUG’s logs), initially I just used it for some days to get the hang of it.  And boy, I just fell in love with it!  Now I always search for Vim keybindings everywhere.  But nothing is permanent.  I’m going to learn Emacs too.  Who knows which one wins the war!

Bash, zsh, csh, fish a lot of shells are there, but currently I am using Bash.  I have seen lot of folks using zsh, and fish.  But for now I am comfortable with how bash treats me.  To me it’s a perfect recipe, with right amount of user friendliness and right amount of bling.  I haven’t experimented with it a lot, but yeah powerline looks great on it.I plan to customize the tools I use daily, if you have any suggestions, do comment!

See you all again soon! Till then don’t CLIng to one tool, try others too 🙂




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  1. Punny post! Well written:) more 🙂


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