DGPLUG, The new source of learning!

DGPLUG (Durgapur Linux Users’ Group) That’s my new source of learning. Well, it itself isn’t new. (DGPLUG announced the 11th edition of summer training this year)

Getting acquainted

I came to know about this group from CuriousLearner’s blog posts. Last year I got to know about the summer training quite late so I just followed the logs. But this year I am participating! The sessions, guest sessions and the general discussions that happen are all filled with engaging content. The simplicity with which topics are introduced in the sessions is amazing. It really helped me as a beginner to get started. As a matter of fact, I learned touch typing after reading about it from the previous year’s logs.

A happening year has begun!

This year’s summer training has just started, but the guest sessions have already begun. We’ve got ntoll, j4v4m4n (Pirate Praveen) and more to come. We were also taught about the good practices that one must follow to maintain their privacy. It included using password managers, passphrases (which Edward Snowden suggests too!), Tor browser amongst many other things.

The experiences shared by the guests are really helpful, they tell their experiences in the job they do, how they got to where they are, and loads of suggestion for the beginners.

Another thing which I’ve really started to care about after joining DGPLUG is the Free software movement, why we should contribute to open source and blogging. I have started to take privacy more seriously. And not to forget, the documentaries we are suggested.

Hitherto, I have watched 3 documentaries. Namely Internet’s Own Boy: The story of Aaron Swartz, Citizenfour and Nothing to hide. Each one was equally appealing and conveyed the message spectacularly.

I also learnt about

  • Basic linux commands (from lym)
  • FHS
  • F/OSS
  • IRC and mailing list ettiquete

Getting to know amazing people 🙂

Recently we also had a video call via jitsi. It was my first time using jitsi and my internet connection messed up bad. Initially, all went fine, I was able to see everybody. But then I tried to speak and realized I was inaudible. Later, the moving faces stood still but I could hear the voices, though that too mumbled irregularly 😛
Sayan shared his travel experience, fhackdroid and saptaks were also there. They shared their experiences of first contributions.

And I think that’s about it, since I’ve joined DGPLUG. Now I am starting to hang out more in the channel and getting acquainted with the folks there (who are really humble, by the way).
After DGPLUG, I’ve also started hanging out in few other channels and learned that IRC is really a helpful medium of communication. People come to help you if you show that you’ve tried to help yourself. One just needs patience and right language to seek help if one wishes for it.

See you later (maybe at DGPLUG). I hang out there by the nick storymode7. Ping me!




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