PyCon Day 1 Markdown problem

Hola fellas !

As you know from my previous post that , I did the markdown for a pdf on cpython internals , though the PR hasn’t been merged yet 😛 . I faced some pretty silly conceptual problems and the best way to look for them is this link this would show you where I went wrong or what reminder statements like [pic] I used to remind me to add a pic at that place .

Aligning the heading was the first challenge , after some initial googling it was clear that markdown didn’t have a specific way to align text , but I remembered that markdown supported html snippets also , so I went for the HTML way there and all I had to do was mention the h tag ( h1 here ) and inside it align=”center” ! Voila the heading was in the center now ! But before it I also tried markdown inside HTML and tried to use # for headings , and that # printed in the heading like a 5 year old child , doing silly things and irritating you after a long hectic day ! ( That’s what kind of what I felt )

Next , weird thing was images , rather inline images ! But it seemed too complex so I probably at that time went for the output of

python -m dist

command , I remember that after trying spaces , tabs and weird things , at most I was able to get the first line of the output , correctly printed with accurate spaces , I never managed to do the same with rest 3 lines , they just cramped up together , like it kind of splitted up the spaces ! and replaced multiples from one ! So , I was suggested by mentor to take it along with the code , and to put it in the code snippet part . That works perfectly , but I still can’t understand , why it didn’t work without the code snippeting it .

Next left were images , these always  scared me , though the tutorial showed they were pretty easy , using url and ” ! ” in beginning of the url syntax . What I dreaded of was how to use your own images , for example on github , how to link those to the images in a certain folder ?

It turns out  , it was quite simple . It has to be like ./path/to/file in the url part . and ./ is the current directory in which the markdown file is placed . ./Image_name worked for me . But it wasn’t so soon ! I thought while beginning with inline images that naming images like ” image 1 ” would be a good idea for the purpose of clarity . Though it might turn out difficult , but it should be possible . After lot of trying , it turns out , this wasn’t possible , since urls don’t have spaces ( but I still think it might be possible ) , so I had to change all images names from ” image 1 ” to ” image_1 ” and then it worked like the innocent child waiting for you to say 3, 2, 1, GO !

The final version looks like this

Thinking it would be a boring mechanical work , but I learned things from it !


Keep thinking .



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