Bit of Bashing

Recently I’ve started to learn how to make bash scripts , getting them started at boot time or before shutdown . Let’s share some details .

Firstly let’s see how to create or assign a variable a certain value

In bash , it can be imagined as a dynamically typed language . i.e you do not need to specify the type of data you’re going to enter.


will set value of variable equal to 1

but what if you want to read from the user the value of a variable ( though that’ll make more sense once we’re done with conditional statements , let’s do it now itself )

read newvar

where read command will read the value of newvar variable from the user .

To see value of any variable you can use :

echo $(var_name)

Now , let’s go to conditional statements .

an example if statement in bash looks like :

if [ condition ] ; then

#commands to be executed when condition is true


#commands to be executed when condition is false


As you can see , to close an if statement here , we use fi .

Now, to fire your code up at boot , you can save your file as or possibly another extension( Need to verify though) .

crontab -e

@reboot /path/to/file

Bonus :

Another thing I found while searching to test a successful completion of a command I found the use of && and || . It works like

command1 && echo "Command successful" || echo "Command unsuccessful"

here is a sample of echo commands . To use more commands you can seperate them by a semicolon.




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