Pycon India 2017

Today was my first day in any official technical workshop . THE PYCON ! I didn’t knew what would I do attending any such conference where they have talks about a language and some Dev Sprints (Mind you , I didn’t knew what were Dev Sprints , I used to think that these were some kind of programming competition ) , I didn’t buy the tickets though I came to know their availability quite early .

It was from our mentor that I and my friends came to know about Pycon and it’s events like the Dev Sprints that happen. It was decided then that I have to go to Pycon to learn anything I can and in general to learn anything from anywhere possible .

Gyaan jahan se milta hai , bator lo !

Translation: Grab knowledge , from any source it’s available !

And we booked the tickets , but till then it was already late. Student ticket and regular ticket were all sold out . We had no option but to go for the Late Bird ticket , that was almost double the price of the student ticket !

And Today was the day to make the use of that ticket !

Dev Sprints

We reached the venue almost 20 minutes earlier , and then waited for the clock to strike 9:00 . After it , we got registered and we were informed that the breakfast was available at the backside . We had small breakfast at our home but as it was still 1 hour , we went for breakfast there . And Lo Behold , we’re the first ones there , food hasn’t opened yet , neither it did when people started gathering . After asking we came to know that it was probably some miscommunication , the person incharge of food was waiting for a confirmation while those at registration counters  were sending more people . We reported it to the people at registration desk , and they solved it . Though time left now was less , we went for breakfast since the rooms weren’t fixed for Dev Sprints .

Finally we went to the room alloted for Dev Sprints and after getting some mattresses in , we sat there. Waiting for some extension cords ( My friend has a faulty battery that doesn’t stays for more than 15 min. ) we were introduced to some mentors , volunteers who explained the process of these sprints and then mentors gave small talks about there projects . (And also break-the-ice talk and experience sharing from CuriousLearner )

There were three projects today :

I found them all interesting , though I was more inclined towards cpython because I’ve heard it earlier , and knew some what how to contribute and learn from it’s source code. I and GeekyShacklebolt then went to the mentor (Prashant Raghu) explaining cpython (though it was after trying 2-3 times that we were able to get a place to be able to see whats happening .) The mentor explained us something about objects , classes , type objects and many more things ! I loved some part but some seriously bounced off my head .

But now I know how to get started with cpython ( and I will 😉 )

Then , some of the participants who couldn’t find an issue were assigned a simple starting one to convert the cpython book by the mentor to web page using markdown.

From some prior knowledge of markdown , I felt that it might be boring , but , It turned out to be quite exciting and bit challenging.

I used some html there to align text , used inline images that I dreaded from seriously . Though I wasn’t able to get images part working then and there , but soon after being helped by GeekyShacklebolt and championshuttler , I understood the silly mistakes !

And I finally got it working !

You can see it here .

Keep the sprint spirit !



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