Using Trello

Managing or Organising your tasks is mostly daunting . I used to do it in a notepad or vim in linux . Read it again and again and see what to do , what’s left and then forgetting some in between. But it seems there exists an elegant solution to your managerial work.

Welcome to Trello .

It is a platform that’ll help you organise your things , personally or along with a team . Just sign up on the website and you’re good to go.


The first thing you’ll see is Personal Boards category by default. So , what is boards.

Think of it as bulletin boards , but soft version . You can have any number of these and you can create different boards for different topics. You can check out the welcome board there. It just gives a very basic skeleton of operating Trello .

These boards can be personal or shared with a team (we’ll come to it , in a minute) .


Each Board has Lists . None by default though . Now , these can be thought from the same example we considered , that of bulletin board . But remember that these bulletin * boards were each for different topics * ! But For each topic that you need to manage tasks for , It’s better to divide the task or a particular topic into some parts , that seems easier to comprehend . So that sub part of a board is list . It helps divide some vast topic into sub-topics or sub-tasks that can be easily assigned to a member . Try to keep the name of the list short .


The exact thing you wish to work on in a particular list or a category in a given board . These are better if short and to the point . If you want to jot some important details , click the pencil icon on the right and write the whole Description . And the best thing is that Description supports Markdown !

Example : Create a Board named ‘ To Do ‘ . But in To Do it isn’t necessary that you’ve to do only one type of tasks , like you need to read some books , clean your wardrobe , finish your homework . But that all doesn’t seem related at all ! Now , Lists come in handy . ‘ To Read ‘ or ‘Reading’ or ‘Homework’ can be the title of the Lists in the ‘ To Do ‘ board ! . But surely , you don’t have only one book to read , nor you’ve only one subject to do homework of . You need to now mention the final exact thing of a particular type that you wish to do . Like name of the novels in the ‘ Reading List ‘ , each can act as a card !

Another amazing thing in Trello is


You can create a Team of members with whom you want to share some rights and access to a board . This is an angel when you talk about contribution . People can contribute together on any kind of a project . They can help improve what is there . Comment there . And many many more things .

One such thing is the activity feature , that is kind of  a log to whatever has happened till now on any of the boards you’re joined to .

Adding checklists, google drive links , GitHub integrations are some Power-Ups that can enhance your experience. There also is an Email-to-Board feature that helps you add cards to specific boards by sending email to a unique mail id provided by them.

Slack Integration

You can also link Trello with your slack workspace !

It gives an option on the Trello website and is then added as an app in your slack workspace. It comes with it’s own bot that helps issue commands from slack directly.

You can link to a default board by providing the url :

/trello link

or you can also type the name of the board instead of URL.

You can also use :

/trello set-list

command to set a list from which you want to add cards directly !

Yes ! You can add cards directly from slack using :

/trello add Testing trello slack command

where anything after add is taken completely as name of the card .

Try the slack part . It’s a fun learn thing . And will ease you of managing your tasks for some time to come !

It’s really a fun and interesting way to manage tasks ! Not leaving Trello anytime soon !

Keep on finding new things



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