Falling in love with vim !

We learned some of the Linux command line , and also got some backstory of Linux .But if we can do almost anything with the terminal that can be done via GUI , what about file creation , edition , deletion ?

Yups , Vim has got your back there .
We mostly find Vim out there but it was built on top of Vi ( Pronounced as Vee Eye ) , And actually Vim is nothing but Vi IMproved . And all that we need to know about it is that , it satiates our laziness and that’s what almost everyone loves.
How, you ask ?
Well that’s what is the most loving part!
It uses mostly alphabet keys , and also supports arrow keys .

You can even traverse your text file using h , j , k , l keys ! That may seem uselessly weird but to be true it’s amongst the best things that I find about it !
We can enter commands to copy , cut , delete , replace all from the main alphabet keyboard itself !
And how it manages all that is the revealing part .
It actually has two primary modes :
• Command mode (Here you can press h, j, k, l keys to traverse , without actually entering those alphabets into file) . You can get to this mode by pressing escape. By default we are in command mode when we first open a file .

• Insert mode (We can enter to insert mode from command mode by pressing the ‘i’ key . ) , Here whatever we type goes into file . When we press ‘i’ it places the cursor for writing at that point itself where we had our traversal cursor. We can use ‘a’ to start entering from one place next to the position of cursor in command mode. Or ‘A’ for end of a line , and also ‘o’ for next line , similarly for ‘O’ for previous line.

In command mode basic commands are ‘y’ for yanking or copying , ‘d’ for deleting , ‘r’ for replacing and so on.
Also vim has some commands that are typed With a colon , like ‘:w’ to save a file.
And now we’re aware of basic commands syntax , try them out , and if you want a detailed explanation , try out the

The Linux Command Line Book

Try it out , you’ll love it !



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