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Good day Readers !

How art thou ?

Well, I know I have been off-line for many days , but just can’t help it . No excuses , but I am left with only some time after commuting , homework , and stuff, But I won’t be leaving you any time soon !

Firstly , A big big thanks to all the fellow bloggers and readers who motivate me a lot , by commenting to continue writing , and by following this new blog .
It truly gives you a new energy altogether when you think of the person who are even a little bit interested in the stuff you write , A high five goes out to all of them !!

Got Linux ?

I hope that you guys have a Linux distro installed on your PC . Though I know the introduction I gave wasn’t too detailed , but I hope it would spark a curiosity in you to further get your hands on some ocean of information.

Okay , we got a Linux now . Yippy ! But how is it gonna help me anyway ? : you think.

True , until we know significance of something we can’t value that resource enough . Better to frame it like , We don’t understand the value of something unless we need it , badly ! After all , necessity is the mother of invention .

Linux , is actually the name of the kernel that the Operating Systems we fondly call as Linux use. After the name of it’s inventor Linus Torvalds . So , yeah now if somebody mentions that name to you , you don’t think it’s a person named after a popular OS . No offense , guys , just wanted a bit of humor , though I am not good at it yet , it’s on the list!   And the Operating Systems are built around it . Moreover , the biggest advantage I feel is that it’s Open Source( We are going to discuss in detail about it in coming days ! ) , which plainly said , means, that the source code or the program behind it is openly available to the public to study and to improve ! Yes , you can indeed improve what you’re running right now , if you wish you can keep the modifications to yourself or If you feel that you created something worth adding to the official Distribution , you can suggest that to the developers too ! So, imagine , if this Linux thing which is around since 1991 is open to public for improvement , how many awesome upgrades and features and efficiency and god knows what not would be on it .

You know what , whenever you’d be taught a new programming language , whether online or by an excited teacher You’d be taught first how to get the system to say “Hello World ! ” So , why not do the same with Linux , And that’s what we’re going to do in the this post (and also in the next one ! ).

The story behind a terminal: Long time ago , there were PCs rather say only computers , since around 1970s the computers were not that powerful and occupied a space not less than a big room and would cost quiet a fortune buying it , so for a long time the computers were a tool for the governments and big businesses. At that time, memory was another big issue (ever thought why floppies had such low storage ?) , until 1956 and also some time later , MBs of storage was considered great , it was in 1980 that IBM a 2.52 GB hard disk was created with the size of a refrigerator and price little over $80,000 , cheap right ? . (You can read it in detail if you wish here ). AND , if you see now an image is , even in it’s lowest quality around 10KB , at that time, if you used images to beautify computers that understood ONLY zeros and ones , you’d have had a hard time explaining it to the investors ! . Better say, GUI would be a super luxury at that time. So , to work with the computers simply by giving it instructions , we used to input 0 and 1 in order to make up an instruction, and that too without a screen ! It was later on that the video displays were developed . Now , say , you got enough tech to store some reasonable amount of data , to display some relevant stuff , and to input BUT you’ve got thousands waiting to put their hands on it . To deal with that terminals were introduced . They could either have data locally and process it (Fat Client or Smart Terminal) Or they could be merely your end of viewing , having the processing power and data all at some other host (Thin Client or Dumb Terminal) the later ones would’ve been more common , think of a university , where students or teachers require access to certain data frequently , it’d be wastage of time to go to the main computer housing all the information and processing power , So they got terminals where required , so that the users might access the data and power they require . Ultimately , it’s used for entering and displaying data . And what we use is a terminal emulator , that just emulates the function of a terminal.

Now , believe me when I say that, in Linux it’s terminal speaks to you ! I’ve spent not much time on this OS but I am already loving it . Reason being , that you get what you want . Simple . Like, you want to browse your PC , but You’re feeling bit too lazy to reach the mouse or the track-pad every time , You do it the Linux way !

Assuming that you use Ubuntu:

First lets open up the terminal , press Alt+Ctrl+x key or just search for “Terminal”.

What it will show is your username @ hostname CurrentWorkingDirectory : $

This is called a prompt string PS , try typing now

user@host~$: “Hello World”

Output will be

user@host~$: “Hello World”

Hello World: command not found

Lesson 1: First thing you type is the command name !

Now you know what to look for, if you’re lost just search for a command doing what you require.

And the command for getting the terminal to print something is :   *echo

Let’s type it the correct way now :

user@host~$: echo “Hello World !”

Hello World !

Now , the output makes some sense.

You are good to go now ! truly given that you know the man command.

*man *Command

will give you man pages for that command.

user@host~$: man echo

will give a long page explaining the various parameters you can supply !

Try it out , If you feel like learning to go deep into Learning Linux , then I find website much helpful , though the free book they offer is quite amazing , and quite long too ! around 540 pages it is .

Hope you’d enjoy your Linux time !



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