To all learners ,

I am a beginner , and I want to learn as many as different things I can , currently following tech and programming.

This blog of mine , is my first step to get in the world of tech and create my own story , though I love fictional stories too , but I would better wish for a real one 😛 .

We all are interested in stories since when we are born . We sleep listening to stories and we watch them in the day , when we are young enough. As we grow , we find out some workings on how this world got where it is , and how does it work . I found the fascination in tech, when I was around 10 . I realized that except playing mario , it can do much good to me , but at that point I wasn’t interested enough to go deep into it. Later, when introductory programming was taught to us , I found out that you can get computer to do whatever you wish, given that you yourself knew how to do it . My first appreciation in this field was though not related to programming , it was just simple windows task ,to get a file from one user account to another, I found a way to do just that a week or so before accidently. When I went to my friend’s house , which also had a lab connected to it which you had to cross to enter the house. While crossing it , one of the workers threw just that problem to me , being the showy kid I was , I tried it , and it did work ! And that was the point I remember till now , also the friends mother came to know about it and we were awarded with a 5 Rupee snack I still remember.

I didn’t knew then , but I know now that solving daily problems using the computer easily is what brings out the real techy in you , and these days , I am following it .

Not only to tech beginners but to everyone out there trying to learn anything new , patience is the key , remember . And you’d cherish the experience of learning if you get to relate to it in your daily life . You might feel amidst the journey that , the destination might not be worth it , worth the struggle it requires . At that time , think of how that destination became worthy enough for you when you decided to learn it .

And , another thing I am learning these days is blogging !

See ya !



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