Techy Wednesday!

Let’s begin with some tech stuff .

And install a Linux Distro !


Ever tried programming before , or tried to use terminal or command prompt to get some work done for you ? Frankly speaking, I did some in school in 6th or 7th class probably , Qbasic and some of C it was, but I do not remember anything from it now , what I remember is a bit of c++ from recent school years , we had that as a subject and were taught that for 2 years, I used to love it (I also do now) , and about the command line part , I used to keep away from it as much as possible . I started using command line when my PC’s mouse betrayed me 😛 , I didn’t buy new one for some time , as the shop was quite far and I , lazy . But then , I bought one, and guess what, even it betrayed me some months before. So, until I bought a new mouse , I had to do some work using keyboard only, and It was immensely frustrating in the beginning , but recently my friend(The geekyshacklebolt , ooh , a fancy name I hear you say 😛 ) suggested me to learn Linux and to do basic stuff using the terminal, I loved the way Linux looked , so I decided that it was the time.

It was around 2 months back , and now here I am , I know ONLY basic functioning , using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS , and doing almost all things I used to do in windows using mouse, by keyboard in Ubuntu. Though I use mouse at times , as I am myself Learning , but I do Google for a terminal way to do things before using the mouse, and it’s helping me learn!

Why Ubuntu ?

Simple, it’s easy to use , you got GUI if you don’t know terminal or if you are in a hurry (Though you will find that it’s in these cases you get to wield the power of what you learn) and it has got a huge community to help you out with any common issue.

Okay, So How do I install it ?

There are many ways :

(I’ll be going in the order of difficulty from high to low , so that you keep on feeling better as you proceed)

  • Replace your current OS (Though I am pretty sure you’d never want to do it )
  • Install it alongside your current OS (So, that’s a Dual Boot if now there are 2 OSes on your system , or Triple Boot if 3 and so on…) :       This one is easier than previous but it does need you to shrink your existing partition and allot the new space created to Ubuntu you wish to install, This doesn’t delete your existing data, unless you are trying to shrink by more space than that’s available as free , but it does take some time in shrinking , installing …
  • Using virtual box : you can install it inside windows, I’d suggest you not to try it , if your PC is generally slow in your current OS, it’s quite heavy , as it’s running a complete OS inside another existing one
  • Use a Live CD, or a Live USB : that’s quite the easiest if you do not wish to install the OS, that is , It won’t be saving any data that you download on it , or you save on it, unless you copy that to your hard disk. For this, Just download the .iso file from the link above , and then download rufus software, it’s very lightweight and solves the purpose, After this all you got to do is select the OS from menu shown on rufus by clicking the cd like button , and then start , next , next… You can do this for almost all the Linux OS available . The geekyshacklebolt also has a full fledged post regarding bootable pendrive creation using rufus.
  • Using WUBI : It’s by far the best method I’ve come across , but the drawback is that it works only for Ubuntu , and for latest version it’s not supported by the Ubuntu team itself , but , Hakuna Matata at GitHub tries to maintain it, I am currently using Ubuntu due to the WUBI I found on his repository. So, WUBI is the windows based Ubuntu installer(You can download it for your release from here), and what it does is :Installs Ubuntu to your system just like you install another software, and also creates an entry in the boot menu , it’s also the simplest , you just need the .iso file , and rest it’d be doing , not major difference in speed if you want it merely for learning purposes another major advantage is that , at any point of time if you feel like Ubuntu is not your game , you can just go to control panel and click uninstall like any other software. Whereas in other methods (except Virtual Box) You have to remove the Ubuntu installation and then use windows repair disk to repair the boot menu .


Try them , tell me if you find something I can help you out with , if it ain’t available on Google.

Happy Linuxing



Caution: WUBI is maintained , and most of it’s releases work fine , (I’ve tested the 16.04 LTS , and currently running it .) , but it might have issues , so if you wish to use ubuntu as your full fledged OS  and do not plan to remove it any time soon(When you reach that point you’ll already be witty enough to figure out the how to 🙂 ) , Dual Boot might suit you.







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  1. I love that **WUBI** thing!


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