Motivation ?

Where do you feel you are ?

I am probably the least experienced person to be discussing this topic , but I feel like trying .

I am still in college , a quite popular course I am pursuing (We’ll be talking about it very soon) though it’s not at all related to philosophy directly , but we are taught one philosophy subject. And I gradually am learning it’s importance .

Our teacher has experience of many a fields , but now as she says she is finally doing what she likes . Today , she introduced us to a new imagination.

She said , “To motivate, a person you must know at what level of needs does that person stands, else the motivation isn’t values”

Now , this is what’s based on Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs .At that time it seemed to me a mere dialogue straight out of movies , but with time , I am grasping it’s powers.

So , evaluate what stage you are at . If you’ve just started to earn then you belong to the first one , i.e physiological needs , and if you don’t earn yet , you are of no importance to Maslow yet, even I am not  .


Who doesn’t loves the Motivational genre ?

Almost everyone does if he/she has watched at-least one good one . Even I do love them.

Now , when you watch those movies , you do feel that whatever is being said , the dialogues , the teachings , are the drops of wisdom dripping from the mouth of the protagonist . Okay, I agree that was quite exaggeration but , yeah , we do value them because we just feel what they say is right , and , of-course it might be , but is it of any value to you now? I’ve watched some of these movies , read some motivational books, even I feel that what they say is right , and I should consider following it , but most of the times I don’t fit to the category it wishes to inspire , like what’s a point of watching a movie or reading a book that has the main message to “give yourself some time, to spend some time on yourself and to value your physique more than your job” when you haven’t even started earning yet ? And , the point of remembering it till the time comes is quite wasteful, I don’t even remember my passwords correctly , how would it be possible to remember the message of a movie , that itself took some 2 hours to suggest it’s importance to you?

Now, there are movies in whose category I fit , and those are actually the ones I can relate to , they do the real magic. They tell you what to do now , what you are capable of doing now, not some 20-30 years later in life!

So, reflect, and try to find where you are , and then try seeking appropriate motivation .

I rarely am able to comprehend those general motivations that apply to all, but again , I don’t have much experience, and that might be the reason.

If , anyone reading  this feels that there is some point that should be changed , terminology, play of words , or even a suggestion , I’d love to hear it !

High Five!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Well I believe a point since My life being evidence of the fact that True Motivation comes along the way to your passion. Take my words, Once you are after your dream, ferociously! No one has the ability to withstand in your path.


    1. storymode7 says:

      I really find this one comment more motivational than my entire post .
      Cheers to your writing style !


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