WordPress Blogging University

Hey there !

How are you , it’s been two days since my last post and I sincerely apologize for the delay. So , while browsing WordPress for the first time with so much interest I found out the WordPress University.

What’s It ?

It’s like the platform for sharing knowledge and experience teaching you how to do it.
And , these are email based courses.
What it would do is , when you select a course from there (which are mostly free ) , it would show you what it’s about and the duration. For example some courses are of 20 days , courses of less duration are also there!
Now , when you join that course , it would send you tasks depending on the course you chose , one per day.
For me , I have joined only two this time :
1) Learning the Fundamentals
2) Everyday Inspiration

The first one teaches the Fundamentals of WordPress , how to get most out of it , and make your blog/site more interesting using the features offered by WordPress.
Whereas the second one , it trains you to get in the habit of writing. Train might seem hard word , better use inspire as the course title says.
So if you’re new to these like me , join these courses , they might teach you something that you longed for unknowingly.
For me it’s the call for writing. 😊

Writing again very soon.



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