Why do I write ?

Because I Love Reading!


I fell in love with reading when our school courses made short novels compulsory for the exams. Being the mad and stubborn child I am , I decided to try to finish that little novel within a day. ( By the way , it was really small one, ‘The Canterville Ghost’ ).

I did finish it . But , the story , the eagerness for the unveiling of the climax , the ‘read it at your own pace , any number of times’ is the best difference I vouch for amongst movies and books. Since then, either novels , short stories, different kind of genres  all were equally engrossing to me.

The love of reading increases in me whenever I finish a good book. As far as I remember my last one was ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen. Amazing piece it was.

Moreover , I want to enhance my story telling skills , and I am more comfortable in writing than telling, so what better way than a blog!

But this has to be a tech and programming related blog

Surely, it has to be one, but not solely a ‘tech and programming blog ‘ , no offense but they seem to be too professional. I’ll be sharing with you the techy and progy part in a day or two . Till the bear with me 🙂 .

You might ask why do I write what I write?


I hope you’ve read my WordPress Blogging University post, it’s really a short read if you haven’t read it yet.

It just summarizes my inspirations and my sources of learning blogging basics and writing inspirations. If you’re interested do checkout the official WordPress Blogging University

The reason in my mind

When I used think of something that I gotta share , it might be some experience or something I learnt or just any random thought , I used to visualize myself teaching to a small group in my school clasrooms or in a big auditorium addressing a huge audience. I still think of them , and it probably won’t stop until my last breath. But , One major drawback was that while I waited for any such moment , I usually forgot the whole point of excitement. ( You’ll gradually realize that my memory is too volatile 😛 )  And then my friend and my mentors gave me the idea  of a blog.

Initially I used to think that what would I write on a blog, I just don’t have anything.

The mentor to whom I asked said plainly : “Whatever you learn”

The statement might not have struck deep chords in me at that time , but now I am realizing the power a blog might have in sharing the knowledge with the world (Or atleast anyone whose interested 😛 ) .

To, one it might just be a blog , but to me , it really is ,

My dream coming true










5 Comments Add yours

    1. storymode7 says:

      Heart filled thanks to you !

      Liked by 1 person

  1. arwen1968 says:

    Keep up your blog and you will not only learn a lot of new things but make new friends as well… At least that is my experience!

    I started to write about stuff I knew a lot about and I found that doing so motivated me to learn about all the other stuff that I was always interested about but could never find the time to look up. So now I write about what I’m discovering day by day, and my whole world just opened up that much wider! Not to mention, like I said, all the friends I made in the process. So good luck with your blogging!


    1. storymode7 says:

      Now that’s something to really look forward to !
      More excited for blogging 😁 !

      Liked by 1 person

    2. storymode7 says:

      Now that’s something to really look forward to !
      More excited for blogging 🙂 !


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