How about an intro?

Hello world.

This is Me

This is storymode7 , a fan and follower of small part of the tech world , and the owner of , well , some experience 😛 . I am a student wishing to learn the depths of the computers and programming , so , yeah I hope you might have guessed something about my education (I leave it completely on you to find that out 🙂 ) .

Why a blog?

I guess most of you might be aware of the feeling that you get when you tell someone something, or I might rephrase it as , when you teach someone something .For me it’s quite too high , if you would see me in person any time , trying to teach something , you will find me overexcited , nervous , slightly shivering at the same time. Though I am a newbie myself , but I have somethings , some resources , that help me at times, I hope they will do the same to you.

Advised by a friend , mentors and some of Google, I decided to start a blog , that I realized would help me teach whatever I know without making me look like an overexcited teen 😛 . Now , those who know me a little , might wonder why this day? (As of now it’s 12th of August 2017 , 9:09 PM) . Truly speaking , I have a dumb reason for this . And that is : “I don’t have an amazing nickname to go up to the web world”. I know many of you might shake your head reading this , but later, I realized that whatever it be , decide any one nick , however it is , and just “Go Ahead!” . So that’s how I got this nick. And I had this nick with me for quite a long time , but I was foolishly wasting my time for finding another good nick. Around a week or two , I finally made up my mind to go up with this nick itself . The day today was a significant one (A story for later) , so I decided to publish my first blog today itself , without any more procrastination, and here I am!

So, that’s some briefing about me , we’ll get more acquainted with time .

Hope you like my blog !

A big hug !



2 Comments Add yours

  1. would love to hear more of you!


    1. storymode7 says:

      It’d be very soon!
      Thanks for reading!


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