Let’s try Blender

Blender is an open source software that can be used to generate 3D graphics. Working on blender is effortless if you start getting used to the shortcuts. Let’s get on
and see what we can do!

Sending a mail using telnet?

Howdy! Ever sent an email? It’s super easy right?
Recently, I was setting up Discourse on an EC2 instance, and it required filling up SMTP details. I wasn’t able to get anything working the first few times though setting up Discourse is pretty amazingly easy. Eventually, everything was working except sending of emails.

And this is what I’ve learned while trying to make a mail reach the other side.

Dvorak Experience

It’s going to be a month from the time I started learning Dvorak keyboard layout. I just wanted to find out on my own what made it different? What better way to find out than learning it?

Writing reST

Wondered how documentation, blogs, online books (not the PDFs) are written? Well, if it’s a really big one, RST is the best shot.

Playing with WeeChat’s configurations

Recently I’ve started to use weechat to connect to IRC. My earlier client was hexchat, and is currently a fallback in case I am not able to get familiar with intricacies of weechat. Here I am listing some settings that I’m using to do a basic makeover.

CLI-MAX! (Spoiler: Unrelated to movies)

CLI(Command Line Interface) is the hidden power. I started realizing it when I switched to Ubuntu from Windows 7. Initially I used the GUI in the Ubuntu, but I didn’t let that conquer me!

DGPLUG, The new source of learning!

DGPLUG (Durgapur Linux Users’ Group) That’s my new source of learning. Well, it itself isn’t new. (DGPLUG announced the 11th edition of summer training this year)

Creating a Proxy server

Lets put our SSH knowledge to some use and create a proxy server using AWS EC2, tinyproxy, and SSH Local Port Forwarding.