Writing reST

Wondered how documentation, blogs, online books (not the PDFs) are written? Well, if it’s a really big one, RST is the best shot.

Playing with WeeChat’s configurations

Recently I’ve started to use weechat to connect to IRC. My earlier client was hexchat, and is currently a fallback in case I am not able to get familiar with intricacies of weechat. Here I am listing some settings that I’m using to do a basic makeover.

CLI-MAX! (Spoiler: Unrelated to movies)

CLI(Command Line Interface) is the hidden power. I started realizing it when I switched to Ubuntu from Windows 7. Initially I used the GUI in the Ubuntu, but I didn’t let that conquer me!

DGPLUG, The new source of learning!

DGPLUG (Durgapur Linux Users’ Group) That’s my new source of learning. Well, it itself isn’t new. (DGPLUG announced the 11th edition of summer training this year)

Creating a Proxy server

Lets put our SSH knowledge to some use and create a proxy server using AWS EC2, tinyproxy, and SSH Local Port Forwarding.

Cron and Anacron

I recently did a post on thegeekyway.com that went in depth of rc scripts and chkconfig utility that can help you setup tasks at specific events. Like when the PC boots or shutsdown, generally saying whenever it enters a runlevel. But what if you want a job to run at specific time in a day, in a week, in a month or what about in a year? Head on to find out.

My First Mozilla Session

It’s been around half a year since I came to know about Open Source, yet I had not attended a single meetup. Either I used to be busy with college or I was just lazy. This time I thought, let’s give it a try.

A gist of HTTP

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Hypertext is any document that contains hyperlinks (Hyperlinks are a reference to data, which a user can follow by clicking, hovering etc. above it.)  It is the protocol that works behind the webpages we use daily, and it helps us to get a resource. These resources can be anything…

Seeing My First Dotfile In Detail

I recently had my first end-semester exams. I won’t say that I left all the tech stuff in between but yes, it was slowed down. Getting back to it, what I was introduced to was how actually we use dotfiles. Follow along and see how I ended up slightly customizing the bash I use!

SSH in Depth!

SSH is a secure remote login client and also a much secured file transfer program. Let’s see how it works, and get into some of it’s basic usecases.